Birkenhead’s Best Hog Roast Company

ABirkenhead’s Best Hog Roast Company

Are you organising a party or event to mark a special occasion? If you are, you will likely be trying to find a way to cater for your guests whilst keeping quality and cost in mind. You don’t need to look further than Hog Roast Birkenhead as we can make sure your guests are all well fed. Whether you are hosting a party indoors or outdoors, a hog roast could be the perfect solution.

Our team at Hog Roast Birkenhead are all friendly, professional and knowledgeable and they’re here to provide you with lovely food at a great price. I myself was born and raised ‘over the water’ and wouldn’t choose to live or work anywhere else. Being a chef means I cook the food I love in the place I Iove, and there’s nothing I’d rather do and nowhere I’d rather be.

You will be able to rest assured that we have your best interests in mind, and you can trust us to do what we have already done many times before. That will leave you to arrange the other plans that still need to be dealt with such booking a DJ or picking colour themes for your floral arrangements.

Hog Roasts and Catering in Birkenhead

Birkenhead’s Best Hog Roast Company

We know that special occasions should be celebrated as such, which is why we will do everything that we can to deliver you with the best hog roast dinner. With over ten years of experience in safe hog roasting, we are just the people for the job for your upcoming event. We have catered for many parties, both big and small; these include everything from corporate get-togethers to memorable wedding receptions.

Hog Roast Birkenhead has catered many special occasions in the area and further afield, with family parties in local back gardens, wedding receptions at both posh hotels and community centres and corporate events at sports clubs and business premises. Wherever in the town you’re planning a party or event, we can roast a hog for you and your guests, or spit-roast a different animal or bird. If you prefer, though, we can instead provide several courses or barbecued food and we have lots of options to choose from for your guests with dietary needs. Whatever you’re planning in Birkenhead, ask us for a quote and you’ll see just how affordable our services are.

Hog Roast Birkenhead – Renowned Specialists

While Birkenhead has long been known as a part of Merseyside, historically it was in the county of Cheshire. Located right opposite the city of Liverpool itself, Birkenhead changed greatly from a small village to an actual town after expanding in the 19th century, in the times of the Industrial Revolution. Hamilton Square and Birkenhead Park are both examples of this time, with the latter known as the first publicly funded civic park in the world and it is also known as the inspiration behind New York’s infamous Central Park!

We’re famous for more than that in our town, though, with us having the oldest standing building in Merseyside – Birkenhead Priory & St Mary’s Tower – and, of course, Tranmere Rovers Football Club being based on Prenton Road. We have a rich maritime history and we were mentioned in both a Smiths song and a Rudyard Kipling poem. Birkenhead has produced Wilfred Owen, Paul O’Grady, Glenda Jackson, Matt Dawson and Birkenhead’s Best Hog Roast Companymany more notable people over the years, and we’ve even catered for some of them with a hog roast or two (though not Wilfred Owen, as he’s a bit before our time!).

Hog Roast Birkenhead are renowned specialists in the catering of hog roasts to parties of all sizes. We will take the hard work out of your party planning by dealing with the catering requirements for events with of a handful of guests or even 200 of them. On the big day, we will come to you with all of the equipment, staff and ingredients needed to make the event a hit with your guests.

Hiring Hog Roast Machines in Birkenhead

Hog Roast Birkenhead will be able to arrange everything needed to cook a hog roast in front of your guests. This includes the roasting machine, the cooking gas and the hog itself. You may also like to look at our wider menus to select some accompaniments to go along with the meat to create a full meal.

We will be able to create a customised quotation and package for you depending on your requirements and the number of guests who will be eating on the day. Please get in touch with a member of our team so we can speak to you further about your needs.